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T.I.I. Home (And Background)

Hi all! Welcome to “The Interfaith Intrepid,” where we bridge gaps one blog post at a time. This blog is meant to bridge the gap between different religions, as well as between religion and atheism. As this blog expands over time, I hope for me, and my other fellow contributors on here, to post content that people of all walks of life could find relatable. My goal here isn’t to cause division; it’s to create unity. That is one goal I’ve always wanted in life; to be able to create unity. I’ve wanted to create unity between groups that people thought were impossible to find any common ground between. I hope to promote peace, tranquility, understanding, and compassion, and by doing that, hopefully unity could be achieved. Every blog post we make on here, I believe, is one step closer to bridging gaps between people, and one step closer to uniting people. Enjoy the ride, fellow readers!

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